Return to Service/Recovery time Objective

We understand the requirements of supply chain support for time-sensitive products. We work to provide you with cost-effective solutions in this area. Be it drill bits, drilling vessels, aircraft parts, artworks, or spare parts for manufacturing facilities, we can provide urgent delivery of critical shipments within your set deadlines. We do not just offer expedited service, our end-to-end visibility solution ensures that you can track the progress of your time-sensitive order and monitor it in real-time. Our commitment is to meet your deadlines to prevent project-related heavy penalties.


Active Security (AS)

From sourcing to delivery, we offer end-to-end visibility of your entire supply chain activity. With real-time information made available through our video feeds, you can be an active player in managing your process to mitigate potential risks. With data and footage obtained from GPS tracking, cameras with G-force sensors and RFID-based temperature sensors, our live video feeds facilitate exchange of risk-related data in real-time to enhance supply chain security, while our customized dashboard, with access that can be tailored as per operational, financial and marketing information requirements of the users, promotes effective decision-making. We enable you to be an active participant in the security of your equipment or products as they are handled across the globe.


Precise Product Integrity (PPI)

Focusing on just packaging to protect a sensitive or high-value product is a passive process. And finding out the actual state of the product when you open the crate at the destination is no longer acceptable. With our smart container, not only do you receive real-time data on location, shock and vibration levels, you are also able to monitor and direct the handling of your product anywhere across the world. If needed, we could guarantee a set temperature level end-to-end for the entire shipping time up to 96 hours.


Cold Chain Integrity Live Management (CCLM)

Supply chain integrity is key for temperature-sensitive products such as foods, pharmaceuticals and some chemicals. From GPS devices and G-force cameras that can track and monitor truck movement to temperature-recording devices that can alert you to any deviations from the required range in temperature, our technological solutions allow you to actively manage the cold chain.


Reverse Logistics

In addition to returns management and spare parts inventory, 5PL Logistics Solutions’ reverse supply chain services include the provision for repair and refurbishment at our facility in Abu Dhabi. Instead of taking the products back to the point of origin, your company can use our state-of-the-art infrastructure for servicing and repair, resulting in massive time and cost savings.


Supply Chain Risk Management

5PL Logistics Solutions focuses on creating an accessible and reliable supply chain to mitigate risks. We offer an integrated technological solution to manage the entire supply chain that makes information accessible on a real-time basis with the clarity you need to optimize your inventory and supply chain. As every company’s processes vary, we take the ‘process’ into consideration when we devise a solution for your company rather than focus on just execution. We create contingency plans today to make risks obsolete tomorrow. We think ahead about the tools you need for corrective action when unexpected events occur.


We are pioneering a new approach in supply chain to cater to the changing requirements of businesses. With a rapidly changing technological realm, the expectations of businesses have also changed. We focus on innovation and customization to meet these challenges. Our smart integrated technologies and emphasis on real-time data do not just help in achieving the expected results but also in creating innovative solutions that are unheard of in our industry.

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