We don’t just understand the regulations that govern the pharma and life sciences sector in the Middle East and Africa region, but we also take responsibility for products that we handle to ensure patient safety. We make sure that our staff and partners adhere to protocol, while minimizing errors and delays with the use of fully automated equipment that eliminates human intervention and promotes end-to-end visibility. For local contract manufacturers who do not have sophisticated storage facilities and multinational laboratories that are looking to expand into the Middle East and Africa, we can be the partner of choice for warehousing and distribution.


Catering to the needs of the Middle East, which is home to the world’s four fastest-growing airlines, we work diligently to meet the needs of our clients in the aerospace sector. Whether it’s jumbo jets such as Boeing or Airbus, smaller corporate jets, or helicopters, we take pride in our experience with the whole gamut of services for the segment ranging from aircraft-on-ground (AOG) and maintenance, overhaul and repair (MRO) support to spare parts logistics. We ensure quick delivery of parts for waiting aircraft, provide warehousing and distribution for spare parts and offer the provision for diagnosis of high-tech equipment at our facility in Abu Dhabi. Our advanced information systems that provide real-time visibility in-transit to help you make informed decisions are an added advantage.


Thanks to our state-of-the art warehouse with 11,000 m2 of temperature-controlled storage (from -18ºC to 23ºC) that will be expanded to include an additional 35,000 m2 ranging from -22ºC to +24 ºC and smart technology solutions, we are well placed to handle vegetables, fruits and fish from the farm to the supermarket. We guarantee cold chain integrity through our use of RFID-based temperature sensors, advanced light sensors that prevent unauthorized opening of containers and GPS-GSM solutions. We encourage farms and exporters of perishable goods to be an active participant in temperature control.


Our end-to-end visibility platform and our PPI (Precise Product Integrity) solution offer the ideal service for industrial logistics companies moving out-of-gauge equipment and regional oil and gas businesses that require a regular supply of chemicals and spare parts. Rather than rely on the email from your trucker, you can be an active participant in the movement of your goods with our live video feeds. Our solution is particularly advantageous when sophisticated equipment is transported to difficult-to-access regions; it can generate alerts and send it across cellular networks or satellites in real time when rules are violated.


By persuading some of the world’s most prestigious cultural institutions such as Guggenheim and Louvre to establish a partnership with the UAE, Abu Dhabi has established itself as the cultural capital of the UAE. 5PL Logistics Solutions’ Culture & Fine Arts team is dedicated to plan and execute the growing supply chain requirements of the segment in line with the emirate’s strategy. From movement and storage of fine art creations, logistical support for film-production companies, theatre and orchestra tour management and exhibition handling to sports logistics, our services span the entire continuum of art and culture. With a high-tech, fully secure, temperature-controlled facility, an array of technological solutions that give a new meaning to active security and fine packaging solutions, we are well-positioned to meet your requirements.


Be it security cameras, surveillance devices, or other high-tech equipment, 5PL Logistics Solutions offers a state-of-the-art facility with 11,000 m2 of temperature-controlled storage that will be expanded to include an additional 35,000 m2 ranging from -22ºC to +24 ºC, a fully secure space with 72 CCTV cameras and real-time information sharing for all your supply chain needs. With the provision for repair and refurbishment at our facility in Abu Dhabi, we can significantly add to your time and cost savings for reverse logistics of capital equipment. And our technological solutions are enabled to send out alerts when there are deviations, encouraging real-time decision making. This means that you have the option to return the product if it arrives out of scope without importing it into the country, paying duties and facing massive delays and huge expenses for re-export.


From passive to active security, from advanced packaging to precise product integrity, we have created customized solutions to suit the needs of each industry. With our steadfast commitment to meet deadlines, we are able to prevent financial penalties associated with delays. Enabling you to become an active participant in your cargo handling across the world, creating contingency plans to prevent risks and initiating corrective action when unexpected events occur, are benefits we guarantee our customers.

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